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David Lord was fortunate enough in the late 80’s, to have apprenticing under some of California’s “old school” Master Plasterers and Tile Setters… with a mud box and a hoe.  Once he had honed his skills to a level of journeyman installer, took a position with a large commercial contractor performing jobs such as High Schools, Military Barracks and Churches. Few contractors have been given the hands on experience that a set of plans and semi-truck trailer full of tile will for a young tradesman.  Founding David Lord-Tile Contactor, Inc. in 1997, David’s reputation and quality projects made him the contractor of choice for the best builders, serving some of the finest properties in the Colorado’s Ski Resorts and Ranch communities. These Luxury Homes featuring the latest in architectural and interior designs requiring sophisticated installation systems, high quality finishes, and cutting edge technology.  Overcoming the many logistical obstacles created by projects far off the beaten path, became one of his company’s strengths.

In addition to very running well respected Contracting Company, David was also involved with the Protecto Wrap Company a Denver based Waterproofing company as a sales representative and technical advisor.  As Protecto Wrap released new projects to market they would use my projects as a testing ground as a field study.  This experience furthered Davids knowledge of industry standards and practices to the highest levels.

Evolution would dictate that the best craftsman seek out the finest work environments and this market was the logical fit for Lord Tile.   Having recently celebrated David’s 30th year in the industry and soon approaching a decade in Pasadena.  David and his crew are proudly standing by their reputation for providing clients with the highest quality workmanship combined with a positive construction experience.