Tile Remodeling

Tile Remodeling

Step 1 – Tile take-off

Tile Remodeling

Tile Remodel Project

  • Homeowner orientation to the remodeling process
  • Tile Substrate Evaluation
  • On-site Measurement
  • Budget
  • Tile Design
  • Material Preference

Step 2 – Estimating

  • Site planning and preparation
  •  labor cost by line item.
  • Materials
  • Total job cost is established

Step 3 – Home Improvement Contract

  • Anyone who hires a Contractor in California was entered a Home Improvement Contract.
  • The Contractors State License Board is the governing agency of the construction industry, to find all the details visit their website at:  www.cslb.ca.gov
  • I use a standard form of this contract for all of my Home Improvement Projects

Home Improvement Contract

Step 4- Proceed with project

  • Sign a contract and collect a deposit
  • Set-up a schedule
  • Material purchase and delivery
  • Stage job site for work- protection of your home
  • Tile begins

Tile Remodeling Tips for all tile jobs

Tile Design

The key to a tile project is being prepared for the task at hand.  Engaging your tile contractor early in the process is essential.  We can best serve you when we are fully supplied with a comprehensive tile design and all the material staging in place as a foundation for a successful, and most importantly… on time project.

Every homeowner is unique, certainly when it comes to style but also in their desire to be involved in the detail.  I highly recommend using an Interior Designer that specializes in Tile. They can provide several levels of service like drawings, in blueprint form or sketches, material selections and their knowledge of layout and color that is tile design.

Some clients have no problem selecting their tile, by utilizing our experience with thousands of other tile designs, a local showroom, my portfolio and other design tools creating the layouts together. We are happy to provide this service to our customer with or without the involvement of a designer.

Tile Remodeling Materials

Regardless of the path to tile selection the first step to your project is Material supply, down to the piece, ensuring that the budgets we help create are accurate and buildable.  All my project proposals are in two parts, Labor and Materials; The Labor bid is strictly the cost of labor no materials are included or assumed in that Estimate. The Materials Estimate is the tool we use to achieve accurate takeoffs and their associated sales tax.

Tile Remodeling Scheduling

All jobs require some coordination with other trades.  I can’t stress enough the importance of the proper scheduling.  The effects of poor bad planning are both immediate and lifelong.  Firstly, the trades on top of one another are hard on the all finished work.  Secondly, those mistakes will change the final outcome of job permanently.  My advice is build a few days into the project and encourage the proper sequence of events to take place, it’s no fun living with the mess and stress of a transforming your surroundings but a little patients will be worthwhile in relation to the value added to this long-term asset… your home.

During construction someone must run the show be it the Homeowner, the General Contractor or the primary Specialty Contractor like your Tile Contractor in a bath or kitchen remodel.  As well as daily management you should expect a master building schedule that is updated weekly. This helps keep the entire team on the same page.

Tile Remodeling Built to Last

Sustainability is more than building green or using the most environmental friendly products but also the lifespan provided by the durability of the installation. We combine the latest in state of the art building components and systems best suited for needs.  Green products are one of the hot trends in the business and local material suppliers are my first choice; furthermore, I would be happy to provide you with the any level of green options that will suit your taste and project.  I am always striving towards improving efforts that will results in less impact to the environment.

Healthy Homes

Tile Contractors are your first defense in combating several health risks in your home. Mold is the big one. We have all seen the black mold that some dirty or improperly installed tubs can harbor. The basic fact is Mold spores are airborne present everywhere, to attach themselves to your home they need three basic things:

1.    A food source

2.    A warm environment

3.    Water.


You can eliminate your mold problem with properly installed tile.

-Tile by nature is anti-microbial because it’s non-organic and nearly impervious to water.  Tile is easy to clean; therefore, the organic materials we use like soap wash down your drain and out of your home.

-Eliminate the presents of water.  Proper drainage and sound waterproof methods allow the water to drain and dry.

Other healthy benefits of Tile work:

-Tile seals and protects the homes interior walls to help with good air quality.

-Compared to carpeted floors and amount of allergens and dirt that carpet harbors, making tile a vastly superior product from the standpoint of health.

The finest Homes are the best build Homes.